Reviews of Stacey’s one-woman show, The Humperdink Family Reunion:

“Comic actress Stacey Hallal has a face that can rise like a puff pastry or fall like a mob informer with an anvil tied ‘round his feet. Her eyes can pop like a Looney Toons critter’s, and she can stretch a grin as crazy-wide as Jack Nicholson’s in “The Shining.” Her voice has the same cockeyed flexibility, and she uses both to highly amusing effect playing the 20 assorted oddballs and borderline psychotics in this one-woman show. In other words, she’s a genuine talent.”

-Bob Hicks
The Oregonian

“Stacey Hallal…portrays some 20 characters in this one-woman show, her debut solo project. It’s the kind of gargantuan task that behooves only the prolific and ambitious—or truly egomaniacal—performer, yet Hallal’s genuine humility upon receiving a standing ovation at the curtain would suggest she is the former.

Hallal’s ability to draw so many distinct characterizations, using her impressively elastic facial expressions and studied physical mannerisms, is what makes Humperdink work. But it’s her comic’s ear for lifelike dialogue that makes the piece resonant and funny.”

-Matt McNally
Willamette Week

“Each character is a song unto his or her own self, and when they interweave, battle, and play, they become part of a greater entity. The Humperdink Family Reunion is part Thanksgiving dinner, part Family Feud, and altogether a celebration of inescapable, genetically encoded madness.”

-Toussaint Perrault
Portland Mercury